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Posture Correction Exercises

Three Great Posture Correction Exercises

Many people are unaware of the effectiveness of posture correction exercises. Slouching while sitting or standing over a long period of time can create serious neck and back conditions that, if left untreated, could become permanent. Once you learn the best posture correction exercises to target your problem areas, performing them will eventually become second nature. It is important that you understand how important it is that you be motivated to correct your own posture. It is easy to have a laid-back attitude about posture improvement, but long lasting results are going to require constant correction until they become natural for your body. The following exercises are great for beginners and are not only easy to perform but are also easy to remember so you can do them all throughout the day.

The first exercise is called the abdominal pull-in. This exercise not only strengthens your core muscles a little each day, but it can be done discreetly wherever you are—work, home, or on the bus! While sitting in your chair, make sure that your back is straight and your shoulders are pulled back and squared. You should be facing forward. Take a deep breath, and then on the release tighten your abdominals by pulling your stomach and holding it for a five second count. Repeat this ten times, then give yourself a break. You can increase the repetitions as you feel necessary.

This next exercise is really more of a stretch. Daily tasks can have a huge effect on the comfort of our neck, so giving the vertebrae in the neck a nice stretch can ease up tension in the muscles of the neck as well as the upper shoulders. To perform this exercise, start out your back straight and your face looking forward. Tilt your neck downward very slowly, allowing your neck to adjust to the stretch. Your chin should be pretty close to the area where your collar bones join together when you stop the exercise. Repeat this two more times.

This next technique is a good exercise to strengthen the muscles surrounding the shoulder blades. Start out sitting with your back straight and your face looking forward. Square your shoulders, then pull your abdominals inward slightly. At the same time, pull your shoulder blades together downward, creating a squeezing sensation. Repeat this about ten times and increase the repetitions when you feel your body is ready for more.

In addition to posture correction exercises, you can create an immediate improvement in your posture by using a posture brace. There are several varieties available, so finding the most comfortable one for your body type may take a bit of patience. Many sports shops sell them, but they are also available online in both men’s and women’s designs. There are many designs, one of the most popular featuring strong, but virtually seamless, straps that go around the shoulders (like the straps on a backpack). These straps connect to a padded square cloth in the back near the shoulder blades. An additional strap fits across the chest (under the bust line) and also attaches to the cloth in the back. It sounds confusing, but it is really a very simple brace that is easy to be put on and can provide all-day posture correction without the discomfort or muscle strain that can occur without a brace.


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