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Height Exercises

The Truth about Height Exercises

If you look for them, you will find several websites that propose height exercises.  According to these websites, if you do a special kind of yoga or stretch in the right way right before you run, or eat the right diet and hang yourself upside down doing sit ups, then you will stretch to new heights.

Unfortunately, the truth is that once you have reached maturity, your years of growth are pretty much done, and barring surgery or lifts, you will not be getting taller.  Some of these height exercises may actually be good for you and they are mostly harmless except that they trick you into spending your money with false promises.  Otherwise, you can do yourself little harm in doing most of these height exercises.  Of course, they fail to deliver the main reason for doing height exercises: height.

Tricks for Seeming Taller

Although you can’t actually make your bones stretch, there are some actions you can take to make yourself seem taller.  Some of these are obvious.  You can use shoes with heels to give you better height.  Shoes like this take a little bit of getting used to and if you overdo it, that can be bad for your heels.

You might also try stretching things out on the other end.  Certain gravity-defying hairstyles might lend a couple of inches when properly moussed.

You might also be able to create a greater illusion of height by wearing dark, tightly fitting clothes that will emphasize vertical edges.  On the other hand, you should avoid baggy clothes and horizontal stripes that will make you seem wider and shorter.

Finally, be sure to walk tall, keeping your back straight and your head up.  This will not only give you a couple of inches on anyone who hunches forward, but will also make you feel psychologically taller to yourself.

An Interesting Anecdote about Surgery

You might be surprised to learn that in certain parts of East Asia, individuals in those countries also value height as a sign of authority and prestige.  For this reason, many of them undergo heightening surgery in which their shinbones are broken and then set just slightly apart so that the bone grows back together only to have the screws turned again so that the bone continues to grow and stretch out.

The surgery is immensely painful and costly, but executives endure it because they feel the surgery gives them an edge in the business and opens greater leadership opportunities for them.

The Root of the Problem

The deeper question is why you feel that height so important to you.  Human beings as a race are growing taller and taller.  Whereas the average height for a human being is 5 feet 9 inches, we have grown quite a bit just in the last few centuries.  If you just take a trip to a historical site, you can see this by looking at the height of the doorways.  You will barely clear them as you go through if you are averaged height.

Yet we might also look to history for examples of those who have suffered from a deficit of height and spent their lives making up for what they felt was a deficiency.  Napoleon Bonaparte is the classic example, of course.  He was born shorter than most his compatriots and spent most of his life trying to take over the world to prove that his inferior size did not correspond to his inner worth.

Such a need to overcompensate is one of the key driving motivations for those who suffer from the Napoleonic complex.  As long as you view your self-worth as being connected by your bodily height, you will never be satisfied with your height or with your accomplishments and will always be chasing after more spectacular accomplishments.

Perhaps, rather than height exercises, what we need is a better sense of what our ambitions should be.                          


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